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Calendars for your own Activist Site or Personal Page

Please note that this service will be discontinued soon, and eventually this site will be taken down. Please read our statement on the home page.

You can have the events listed on our calendar appear on your web site or personal page, and it's surprisingly easy to do.

Leverage our extensive calendar to add dynamic activism opportunities and content to your site. You can be spared of having to keep your own calendar constantly updated. Just submit your events to and they'll appear on your site automatically.

Use our iCal or RSS event feeds to "get the word out" on activism to your friends, via your Google Calandar, or profiles at,,,,, or similar personal page.

An iCal or RSS Calendar Feed

We offer both iCal and RSS feeds, to allow placing our listings on your site or portal pages. The RSS link is:


If you'd like to limit the geographical range of the listings shown, you can add certain parameters. The parameters allowed are dist, zip, and numlistings (RSS only), as described in the "Changing the way the mini calendar displays - Mini Calendar Parameters" section below. Examples are:


Both these feeds will only deliver events within a 20 mile radius of Manhattan (ZIP code 10019).

Google Calendar: You can include our calendar of events in your Google Calendar. In your Google calendar display under "Other calendars", click the "Add" link and select "Add by URL". Then copy and paste the iCal URL as described above. Note that it can sometimes take a long time (10-30 minutes) for Google to import our calendar.

Facebook: You can put calendar events on your facebook profile. Go to your "profile" page, scroll to the "Notes" section (usually at lower left), click "See All", find the "Notes Settings" area in the upper right, click "Edit import settings", and copy and paste the URL of our RSS feed link, such as

Myspace: If your personal page is on a site that doesn't support RSS feeds (like Myspace),
you can still have a feed appear on your site by having the feed appear as an image, using a site like

Here's a feed image we've already created, that shows all New York State events:
<A HREF="">
STYLE="border: 1px solid red;"><BR>
<B>Calendar by</B></FONT></A>
You can put the above code right in your MySpace profile.

Contact us for any other requirement you might have, to customize your RSS feed: [show email address]

...or ...

A small version of our web calendar on your site

With just a few lines of HTML, you can place our calendar into a web page on your site, just like the little "Coming Events" listing box below. You can also customize the calendar to only show your organization's events, or events of a certain type or location.

A few examples of sites that are doing this:
Here's the snippet of HTML to include in your page's code:
You can change the "numlistings" value to display as many upcoming listings as you want.

If you want a limited width table in a sidebar of your site, you can wrap the call in a table as such:
Please email us to let us know you're putting our calendar on your site, so that we can alert you to any changes in the future. Our technical email address is [show email address]

If you want the listing customized (for instance, only listing peace events), we can arrange that. Just email at [show email address] and let us know your criteria.

Changing the way the mini calendar displays

If you would like to change the geography or appearance of the listing, you can do it by adding one or more of the following parameters after the numlistings=10 parameter in the HTML snippet:

Mini Calendar ParametersNotes
&zip=12202events near this ZIP code
&dist=100within miles of ZIP
Without the above, events from all locations will be shown. If you are referencing instead of in your HTML code, events will be automatically limited to those in the Hudson Valley area (including New York City and Albany).
Some regions and their zip / distances:
Hudson Valley
North Country
Appearance Parameters:  (shown with their defaults)
&descrlength=0max length of event description, otherwise no description
&title=Coming+Eventsmake sure you use plus signs (+) where you want spaces
&titlebackgroundcolor=CC0000a dark red
&borderwidth=2in pixels
&bordercolor=0000CCa dark blue
&textcolor=black(links are the color specified by your page)
&textscale=1(multiplied times the 10 and 8 point text sizes)
&nobullets=0a "1" here removes the bullets from each event

Note: Numeric colors must be specified without the hash marks ("#") or with URL encoded hash marks ("%23").

Here is a table of some common web colors if you need a starting point. It will open in a new window.

Events, actions, and organizations represented on this site do not necessarily represent the views or methods of the site's editors. does not endorse any particular event or organization, but merely provides a venue for the dissemination of information that appears to be activist in nature, and might not be welcome on mass media calendars.