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Saratoga Springs: Protest Rep. Sweeney fundraiser with McCain

Date : 20 May 2006       From : 11:00am    iCal Google Calendar
Category : Politics Location : 12866

Event Description :
John McCain is hosting a Fundraiser for Representative John Sweeney (referred-to as Bush's "Congressman Kick-Ass")

The actual invitation (Word document) is at

"Let's Protest Sweeney and the corrupt Republican agenda of Rove, Delay, Cheney, Bush & Abramoff. Unlike Sweeney, who led a violent gang of thugs in Miami in 2000 with the order to shut down the vote recounting, we will be nonviolent."

"Feel free to bring your own signs about corruption and any aspect of the Republican agenda. Bring mops & brooms to hold with the signs, to symbolize a call for cleaning up corruption, & clean elections campaign finance reform. We'll have plenty of extra signs, mops & brooms."

"There may be creative street theater activities, such as Billionaires for Bush (or Swillionaires for Sweeney), or holding an 'auction' selling favors to cronies."

Call 583-4326 or 466-9339 for more info.

Media Advisory at

Downloadable signs/posters (print 'em & bring 'em; we'll have extras) at:

Saratoga Springs City Center
522 Broadway
(Just up the street from the weekly Saratoga Peace Vigil)
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
See the web link below for a map and directions.

Email : [show email address]
Main web site :

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