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Albany: Rally of "Fight Washington Corruption" populist reform campaign

Date : 10 August 2010       From : 3:30pm   To : 5:30pm    iCal Google Calendar
Category : General / Misc Location : 12207

Event Description :
Part of nationwide rallies against corporate domination of politics and fair elections, created by two movements. The Other 98% is a grassroots network of concerned citizens, partnered with, standing against corporate influence in government "... to make our democracy work for the rest of us."

From the organizers: "We will not see change in this country that benefits us all until we end corporate influence in our political system. Cost to attend the rally & sign the pledge $0, benefit if we help change the system to work for everyone, priceless!"

Participants are asked to sign-up to attend at
Also on facebook at

The groups are also asking citizens to take a pledge, which can be reviewed and endorsed at The agenda is to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling (allowing unlimited corporate spending on elections), push for passage of the Fair Elections Act, and a lobbyist reform act.

Interested citizens can join the "Other 98%" populist reform campaign in the NY Capital Region by calling 518 583-4326.

The local MoveOn organizing team (council) can be joined via

West Capitol steps
Washington Ave and Swan St
Albany, NY 12207
Map and directions:

Contact: 518 583-4326, or via the email address below.

Sponsored by:, Color of Change, People for the American Way, US Action, Democracy for America,, Public Citizen, The Nation magazine.

Email : [show email address]
Main web site :

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