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Albany: Rally to "Stop Corporate Greed"

Date : 1 October 2008       From : 5:00pm    iCal Google Calendar
Category : Economics / Poverty Location : 12207

Event Description :
The coalition of groups organizing this event say "Bail Out Main Street before Wall Street"

Part of a national effort of community and worker advocates holding rallies, street theater, bake sales and "billionaires for bail-outs" actions to "... tell Congress and Wall Street that people are fed up with corporate greed and demand a 'Main Street Recovery Plan.' In solidarity with workers across the country, we will rally against the Wall Street Bailout! $700 Billion for Wall Street...No Way, No How!"

More from the organizers: "The bail-out 'compromise' failed largely due to overwhelming opposition from communities and progressives, because it did not address the needs of Main Street and constituted another give-away to the wealthy."

Talking point from organizer Jobs with Justice:
  • Make the people that created and profited from the mess pay for the clean-up, now.
  • Any infusion of capital must have specific, binding public ownership requirements
  • Restructure and rein in the reckless private financial institutions
  • Pass a real recovery plan, for Main Street as well as Wall Street, paid for with progressive taxation, that addresses the needs for good jobs, affordable housing, health care, pensions, infrastructure and 'green' economy
  • Privatizing the profits and socializing the losses is the wrong approach!

    Participants are asked to bring banners, signs, "Stop Corporate Greed" posters, and "lively and creative local art pieces."

    Leo W. O'Brien Federal Building
    Clinton Avenue & North Pearl Street
    Map and directions:

    Contact: 518 466-1192, 518-281-1968, or via the email address below.

    Sponsored by: Jobs with Justice and a Coalition of Capital Region Peace and Justice groups including the North East Peace and Justice Action Coalition( NEPAJAC) . "Jobs with Justice" is a coalition of community, faith-based, labor and student groups that promotes economic justice and worker rights. NEPAJAC is a organization of Peace and Justice groups.

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