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About us

Activist grew from the Hudson Valley Activist Network (, which in turn sprung from the efforts of Concerned People for Social Action (CPSA) in the fall of 2003.

Activist provides internet resources to activist organizations based in New York State. The primary offering of this site is a comprehensive calendar of New York activist events. There are also various other resources available.

This Activist site offers the following services:

Activist appeals to both activist organizations and individual activists:

Activist seeks to provide resources to the many existing and developing grass roots activist groups in New York State. Currently, groups can display on their site a calendar of their and/or other group's events, via our Calendar Feed Function.

Individuals / Families:
If you are an individual or family interested in becoming more involved in activism, but are not sure where to start, please check out this web site. You can find out more about various groups and causes, as well as activist events you may want to attend.

Events, actions, and organizations represented on this site do not necessarily represent the views or methods of the site's editors. does not endorse any particular event or organization, but merely provides a venue for the dissemination of information that appears to be activist in nature, and might not be welcome on mass media calendars.